‘The Black Star is Going to Shine and Shine’ – President Akufo-Addo

Washington, DC — Remarks by the President of the Republic Of Ghana on receipt of the Exemplary Leadership Award by The Whitaker Group

It is an honour to be amongst you – Excellencies, Ministers, Ambassadors, Members of the US Congress, distinguished guests, and friends – at the Gala Dinner organised by the Whitaker group in celebration of Africa, a continent of unlimited possibilities.

I have to begin by congratulating my good friend, Rosa Whitaker, on 15 years of exceptional achievement. We met over 15 years ago, when I was Ghana’s Foreign Minister in the government of the outstanding Ghanaian statesman, President John Agyekum Kufuor, and have been firm friends since. She was very helpful to the Kufuor government in finding our way around the labyrinth that is Washington D.C. Her love of Ghana, of Africa, and her peoples shone through everything she did. You can imagine our pleasure when she decided to become a full-blown Ghanaian, when she married one of the most notable figures of faith in our country and continent, His Eminence Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams. From what we can all see, the marriage has made her even stronger. The Archbishop has to take some of the credit for that. So, to both of you, I say, in our parlance, a big ayekoo.

 On behalf of the people of Ghana, I thank Rosa Whitaker and the Whitaker Group warmly for the honour of this award – The Exemplary Leadership Award. Ghanaians are deeply humbled by the award, and we accept the challenge that it imposes on us, and in what the world expects of Ghana and of Ghanaians.