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Africa Economic Reports

McKinsey Global Institute: Lions on the Move

A comprehensive report on Africa’s economic growth and new business opportunities often overlooked by traditional investors.

Economist Intelligence Unit: Africa: Open for Business

Discusses growing attention on business in Africa from China, Europe, and local entrepreneurs and highlights the potential challenges and risks for doing business in Africa over the next few years.

Boston Consulting Group: Winning in Africa: From Trading Posts to Ecosystems

Outlines Africa as the next frontier market for multinational investment, highlighting economic growth trends, steps toward good governance and democracy, and increasing infrastructure.

Boston Consulting Group: The African Challengers

Spotlights the economic awakening in Africa, highlighting forty fast-growing African companies.

The World Bank: The Africa Competitiveness Report 2013

Discusses the transformative possibilities of the African market and assesses whether African economies have laid the foundations and made the necessary investments to transition from resource-driven economies to those built on value-added growth.

Country Reports

CIA World Factbook: Africa

Outlines essential information on countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including economic data, demographic statistics, government structure, and transnational issues.

State Department Investment Climate Statements:

Provides assessments on investment laws, measures, and other factors that may be useful in making business decisions in countries where the United States has diplomatic presence.

State Department Country Overviews:

Highlights bilateral relations between the United States and individual countries in sub Saharan Africa.

Trade Policies and Partners

World Trade Organization: Doha Development Agenda

Outlines the policy priorities of the World Trade Organization’s most recent round of trade negotiations.

World Trade Organization: International Trade Statistics for 2013

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative: US- Africa Trade

Provides an overview of U.S. policy and legislation affecting trade with sub-Saharan Africa and statistics on exports, imports, and other trade data.

European Commission Trade Policy: Africa, Caribbean, Pacific

Highlights trade statistics and policy between the EU and its designated trade regions in sub-Saharan Africa: West Africa, Central Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA), East African Community (EAC), and Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Articles Discussing China-Africa Trade

Financial Times: China, Trade, Aid, and Africa

Christian Science Monitor: China’s Trade with Africa at Record High